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The way to Make a $1.50 Hanging Planter in 3 Easy Steps
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 Have you seen the late night infomercials concerning the upside down tomato garden planter? Within about six weeks, you have fresh tomatoes for your dinner table. All this for $19.99... and should you place your order in the next 60 seconds they're going to send a free one at no charge. 

Well, that's fine and dandy, but you can do essentially the same thing to get a lot less. I set out to create a cheaper version... That is how I did it. Some simple Bucket Garden Books may have something similar, but this process must suffice hangdrum I went to the local department store and found a black bucket for $1.49 . This bucket was your standard 'garden variety' bucket having a silver handle that you pretty much see anywhere.

I gathered the following tools for my project:

1" Spade Bit1 DrillOne empty 2-liter bottle1 Gallon  Plastic BucketOne tomato plant

One empty 2-liter plastic bottle

Compost or potting soil

Step One:

Turn the 1 Gallon Bucket Upside Down and locate the center. This bucket had the first dimple identifying the middle so that it was very easy to find. Drill a 1? hole through the bottom of the bucket.

Step two:

I thought using a 2-liter bottle would do the trick. Off the  top with a small utility knife Click This Link .

Once complete, I inserted the bottle opening through the hole. I discovered that by using a 1? spade bit, I was able to screw the bottle into the hole. Sometimes things just work out...

Step 3

Now that the plastic bottle was secure, I gently worked the plant through the hole. I determined this would be better than trying to go the other way that could damage the roots. I figured inserting the leaves throughout the whole would be less traumatizing to the tomato plant.

This took 10 minutes from start to finish. This was easy to do, cheap and my hanging tomato plant is doing fine... I made one for jalapeno peppers too. You may find some other variations in an off the shelf Bucket Garden Book, but this process was very straightforward and easy to do, and this worked for me.