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Learn How To Hang A Drum Shade Chandelier
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Buying a new drum shade light can be a great period for you personally. However, when you receive the light, if you're not prepared for the installation, you could end up causing yourself more work. To develop your plan for installation, go to the necessary steps that we've listed for you below. You must be able to get on the right track to properly installing the light fixture in your home. 

Step #2) Locate The Trusses In The Ceiling - Again, should you not already have something fitted to the trusses in your roof, you may need to use a stud finder to locate where you can hang the bracket to your new chandelier from.


In case you don't, however, you'll need to run wikipedia reference wiring from your circuit breaker box to the bracket where you'll be hanging the new chandelier from, and attach them properly.

Step #4) Verify Your Work Is Successful - Flip the breaker on to power up the chandelier and ensure the work you've done is successful. If you run into problems, go back over the steps listed here, as well as in your owners manual to ensure that you did not skip something somewhere down the line.

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